I am so sad and full of regrets, which is out of the ordinary, for usually i don’t regret anything. . . but, buying things which will not make you happy in the end just too sad, at least for me.

Yesterday, before going back in my dormitory, i went to a mall to buy a plain shirt. I was planning to buy from a store that offers plain shirts with a very nice fitting which is Folded and Hung.  I tried to  fit some, but i noticed that it doesn’t look good on me, not like the prior shirts i bought from that store. Thus, i proceeded to look at their other garments.

Suddenly I noticed someone following me! Ohhh the salesman, that particularly annoying salesman who has  been following me since I entered the store. Because of him, it was so uncomfortable to choose well. I was pondering last night what reasons does he have following me, and the most plausible reason that salespersons in Folded and Hung get certain points when they are able to sell something to their customers. I don’t like that strategy of Folded and Hung, it’s so irritating! You cannot look for dresses at your pleasure and at you own pace, for they keep insisting that you look on the new, more expensive clothes they are offering. Worse, even if they already see you choosing your clothes, they still keep on asking what you’re looking for. I would have asked them if i needed them. arrggg!! They’re now similar to  street vendor selling fake branded clothes.

When I was about to leave the store, the saleslady in the counter pointed me to a sign saying, ” One item= 30% discount; two items= 40% discount; and 3 items= 50% discounts”. The saleslady started picking clothes and showed it to me and kept saying “ma’am it’s super affordable because it’s on sale. you can buy this and that blah blah blah blah”. Shhhh. It’s not like i cannot afford their expensive clothes s (haha :)) so what i did was to pick two then bought it. whew.

Well, the saleslady got what she wanted, but i promised myself not buy from that store again. From the moment I went outside that store, I knew the things I bought were not worth of my  bucks because I knew I was not happy.  I just bought the tees because of that saleslady who thinks i don’t have the money to buy anything, not to mention the fact that I was too annoyed at that point because of the stalker salesman.

Last night i opened the paper bag and looked at the two tees.  huhuhuhu. I do’nt like it. Even worse, i could not wear the black one because there’s a cross on the print. I’m a non-Cristian, i could not wear the cross print. Thus, I slept last night full of regrets. True, it’s only a small thing, but still my money was totally wasted. sigh. I do not have job to waste my money on things i couldn’t use. tsk.

now i know what to do:

  • if i enter a store and the saleslady/man asks me what im looking for, look at this, that blah blah blah… i will leave the store immediately. promise!
  • if there’s a sale, i will not rush to look at items which i could buy. I would still ask myself if its worth buying; if I will i be happy if i will buy this.

until now, i feel sorry for myself 😦

i can wear only the pink one 😦